How to decorate your company or office

Ideas to decorate your company or office

The first impression is what counts, says the phrase. Causing a pleasant impact on others will have positive or negative repercussions, both on collaborators and clients. It is not just about putting a plant here and a painting there: corporate interior design goes deeper. At Estudio PAS we know this and we take it very … Read more

enjoy the outdoors

    The season of the year that we like to enjoy the most has arrived: the good weather, the sun, the jasmine at night, the sand, dinners with friends, the pool and the sun, the moonlight and the gardens. Our selection of products for spring-summer range from strictly outdoor elements, to others that can … Read more

your sofa awaits you

        Do you already have your house ready for this season or are you still missing the most important thing? The couch. Something essential for the day to day of a home. At Estudio PAS we want to help you find that special piece. For this reason, only this month of June, … Read more

Winter discounts in our spaces

  After all the parties and entering this new year, waiting to receive the long-awaited new collections for this 2019, at Estudio PAS we offer you special prices on a selection of products and furniture. Both outdoor and indoor products with interesting discounts ranging from 10, 20 and 30% discounts on different brands, as well … Read more