AM house

AM house

Project Name: AM house

Type:  Interior and complete renovations

Year: 2023
Location: Valencia, Malilla

The project consists of the comprehensive renovation of a flat from the 1960s in an emblematic building on Avenida del Puerto de Valencia, with beautiful views of the city’s urban skyline.

Project Name: NC
Type: Comprehensive reform and interior design

Year: 2021
Location: Valencia, Camins al Grau

To transform a house from the sixties into a warm and avant-garde apartment; this was the assignment given to us by its owner.

The entire day area has been connected by glass doors that allow a transversal and circular circulation. When designed with a spatially adapted approach, the architecture mutates to achieve the user experience required.

The kitchen acts as a hub through different parabanes and cabinets. It creates three atmospheres differentiated by materials, which in turn form a single one.

This axis is configured through the storage area, leaving the rest of the kitchen as a workbench and office.  Materials such as natural wood from the The floor, the wallpaper and the textured finish of the towers create a natural, warm and functional space. Other materials such as the laminate of the fronts and the cement-effect ceramic countertop add a touch of light and sobriety.


The parabanes are configured to operate independently.  Black aluminum doors frame the grooved glass, which lets in all the light, but also acts as a curtain.

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