Enjoy the outdoor


The season of the year that we like the most is coming: the good weather, the sun, the jasmine at night, the sand, the dinners with friends, the pool and the sun, the moonlight and the gardens.

Our selection of products for the spring-summer range from strictly outdoor elements, as others that can be used both for outdoor use while enjoying the sun, and in a refined and fresh interior. We leave it to your choice.


Pouf-table Brick, it is a section of trunk without bark and treated that can be used for both decoration and table. Existing in different sizes.

Dimmable alabaster table lamps suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Rechargeable battery by induction.






Enamelled ceramic cactus measures 32x28x60 cm.

Armchair, structure in walnut or oak. Wood finishes available: natural American walnut or lacquered oak in white, gray, blue, or black. Loose cushions: two 50 × 45, two 50 × 50, one 65 × 50 cm.



Perfect light and up to 16 hours of operation without power supply. The body is a transparent optical device with gradients to transport and distribute light: it works as a "vacuum" light tube for luminosity and optics.

Outdoor lounger, adjustable backrest and two wheels, blue, white or gray lacquered aluminum tube structure and blue, black or gray woven Teflon elastic webbing.




Our flagship brand, Gervasoni, has collections that can be used both for indoor and outdoor, molding the fabric and the upholstery for the use that is going to be used.

The Ghost collection has innumerable variables of both models and fabrics and combinations to reflect the spirit of your home.


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