Rehabilitation of 1903 Building

The Project presented the challenge of finding the equilibrium between the original spirit of the flat when it was built in the early 20th century and the needs of a family living in the space over one hundred years later.

The focus of the Project was to re-model the flat in a functional way and at the same time respect its historic existing characteristics, including the ornate  celiings with their original moldings,
the  original  tile floorings and the woodwork, as well as the original stained glass windows.

The Project entailed completely restoring the original mosaic tiled floors as well as the high ceilings with all of their historic plaster moldings.

The various spaces of the restored mosaic tiles are now surrounded by new contemporary flooring, resulting in a variety of
tile mosaics of various colors throughout the flat. These perimter like areas now serve as entries into each area of the newly restored living space.

With the elimination of various walls that originally divided the flat into various areas, large open spaces have been created which take better advantage of the natural light
which streams into the flat. The newly installed kitchen, with its modern lines, now forms part of a large space which encompasses both the dining and living room area,
all located in the front part of the flat. The sleeping quarters and relaxation areas are reserved for the back of the dwelling, , including an enclosed cristal gallery which receives the late afternoon sun.


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