PAS Studio carries out interior design projects for all types of spaces
Estudio PAS is not only your designer furniture store of the best national and international brands in Valencia, but we also condition entire spaces, even complete homes, so that you do not have to worry about anything and your space or home has all the elements chord, from the lighting through the furniture, the decorative accessories and the style of the walls and the floor. Let yourself be carried away and advised by our experts who will create a unique atmosphere in your home, be it a flat or a chalet, an old house with high walls and polished ceilings or a modern house with minimalist lines.
Rehabilitation of old houses
At Estudio PAS we carry out interior projects to convert an old home into a house with an exquisite balance between classic and modern and design elements. We preserve those old elements by recovering them and combining them with furniture with minimalist lines.
Among our projects is the rehabilitation of a 1903 house in Valencia. In this case we had an important challenge: to preserve the original essence of the house while adapting it to the functionality and current needs. For this, elements such as original mosaics on the floors or plaster moldings on the ceilings were preserved and restored, as well as the wooden carpentry with the original stained glass windows. In its adaptation to the 21st century, walls and partitions were eliminated to give the house more light and spaciousness, and the kitchen with minimalist and modern lines was integrated into the living room with simple and designer furniture.
Interior design of traditional house and beach house
At Estudio PAS we also carry out interior projects for your town house or your house on the beach. Among our completed projects, the transformation we made of a traditional Valencian house that we converted into a single-family home stands out. The patio of the house through which the entrance is made was modified to incorporate a large terrace that can be used and enjoyed all year round thanks to its orientation and the fact that it is partially covered. The terrace floor goes into the kitchen, creating a continuous and open room that, through large sliding windows, causes the sensation of cooking outside and allows you to take advantage of both joint spaces on hot days. The bathrooms were completely remodeled to gain light and space, providing them with elements that convey warmth.
In beach house interior projects, we pay special attention to the elements of the terrace area, with marble or stone tables and chairs and furniture made of materials resistant to inclement weather in white giving a Mediterranean touch.
Duplex and apartment interior design projects
Smaller homes can also be the result of interior design, especially to take advantage of space, functionality and gain spaciousness with the choice of furniture and the appropriate arrangement of rooms. At Estudio PAS we have carried out, and do, projects in this type of housing. For this, in apartments we opted for white furniture and straight and minimalist lines that allow generating a feeling of greater spaciousness. Kitchens with an American table with the countertop included in the place of being attached to the wall to make the most of this room. In the duplexes, the combination of furniture and decorative elements in black and white generates a feeling of well-being and modernity.
Office design
We not only do interior design for homes, but also for spaces such as offices. Corporate interior design is one of the specialties of Estudio PAS, creating unique and personalized workspaces in accordance with the brand image and the function that workers are expected to achieve. In the offices, the use of parquet and wide and open spaces is common, so glass partitions are used to separate spaces and generate the feeling of large and connected environments. The furniture in areas such as the joint sauce should convey formality, with colors such as black and wood. Likewise, we must not forget the comfort element of those who are going to be seated for hours, so ergonomic and wheel chairs are used without losing elegance and design.